Golden Sands Resort

The summer is long and warm!

The Complex is located in a picturesque and pollution-free bay in the Northern part of the Black Sea coast, and the Golden Sands resort is only 18 km away from Varna. Placed in the natural park of Golden Sands, which is at the height of 277 m above sea level, occupies an area of more than 1320 ha and declared to be a preserved territory in 1943.

Nature Well Preserved

The touristic complex Golden Sands covers an area of 177,13 hectare. Thus the most part of the park is preserved in its natural look, without human interference. The proximity to the sea, mild climate and sea-breeze had a profound effect over flora and fauna of the park, which makes it so different from other national parks.

So Green and Healthy

A thick forest of broad-leaved trees, enwrapped by lianas is smoothly descended from higher places to the sea shore. Amongst this magnificent woodland are laid out 69 hotels, 14 of which are 4-star, аnd the major part of the rest ones are 3-star. A variety of restaurants, places for sports and entertainment are placed not only along the beach, but also among the beautiful greenery.  Goldish beach simply starts from the forest. The great treasure of the resort are the balmy mineral springs.

Marked with “Blue Flag”

The Golden Sands resort is marked with “Blue Flag ” – a prestigious international award for ecological cleanness. The most important microbiologic and physiochemical parameters of air, sea and sand are checked on a monthly basis. Tourists can choose between several kinds of transport vehicles in order to move around the complex – pedicabs, bicycles, auto- trailers and solar powered taxis.

Long & Wide

The coastline length of the resort is 3,5 km, which in some places reaches the width of 100 meters and is known as one of the best sandy beaches in Europe.  The beach is even and covered by goldish fine sand. The gritty seabottom goes smoothly to the sea and there are no cliffs or sudden drops of depths. Clean and calm sea water with low salt content, for example lower than in the Mediterranean Sea, and lack of dangerous for people fish and animals make it quite suitable for bathing children and scuba-diving.

The Summer is Long

The summer is long and warm, thanks to which sunbaths can be taken from May to October. Heat is not felt here because of the sea-breeze. Range of temperature is not so big. Mild and pleasant weather in early spring and late autumn is perfect for either balneotherapy and seatherapy, or for organizing congresses and conferences in combination with a short rest.